Friday, May 11, 2012

My first little purse made with my Silhouette

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I was a very exciting day!  I got to go over and craft with my Design Sister AJ!!! 
  I'm so glad we live so close to each other and craft together!!   It was such a fun day.  While I was over at AJ's house I put together this little purse together that  I cut out on my Silhouette for the kids to give to their Oma for her birthday.  I didn't get a chance to get her birthday present made and ordered yet so we put an I.O.U. in it for a mouse pad with their pictures on it. 
 She was so happy to get it. 


  1. Hi Angela I to really enjoyed our time together! I still love the purse. Where is the mouse pad? I would like to see it. We need to get together again. AJ~

  2. I have to make it still and order it :). I will show it to you when I get it back. Yes we have to get together again soon!!!