Monday, November 11, 2013

Lost My Mate

My friend gave me this idea the other day after my daughter and I had a morning over lost socks.  Faith got out of the habit over the last few month of not wearing 2 socks with her broken leg  So she would bring a pair down wear one and stuff the other one well I have no clue where!   Well now she needs a pair to wear and she was down to a total of 3 pair not that they matched but that's in style :)  I went and bought her 9 new pair the other day and started my project!
I wanted to hang this in my laundry room but none one every see it so we decide to hang in the bathroom downstairs.  We have to walk through the bathroom to go in the laundry room.  

I covered my clothes pins with washi tape and to hang the sign up I glue 2 of the tabs from soda cans to the back of it.  

Looks like we have some missing socks to find at our house!

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